Creepy Girl
  • Gives out a doll at night.
  • The doll can be passed around.
  • Wins when whoever has the doll dies at night.
  • Third Party.
almost 6 years
Give it to a noavi.
almost 7 years
Must win if dies with her doll
about 9 years
>N1 gives the doll to crier
>D1 crier don't die
>expecting to crier to give the doll to someone who the maf kills
>N2 crier vegs
over 9 years
gave doll to virgin, yaaaaas
over 9 years Creepy Girl gives doll to virgin. Wins first day.
about 10 years
Strategy: Give it to the first person on your list.
over 11 years
Thats a cool role.
almost 12 years
Third party roles like this with random win conditions really suck. It's stupid when the creepygirl can win N1, and ruins games for everyone else. So roles like this, and the clockmaker, and to a lesser extent warlock and prophet, really need to be changed or removed.
about 12 years
And no, town will never "NL until creepy girl is sorted". That's the problem with the role. People want to win they don't want to "not lose". Mafia will not give town free investigative days just because there's a third party ruining it. Better a creepy girl win than a town win.
about 12 years
I know it's pretty fucking late, but I don't think I simplified this in any way. The role is simple: You pick someone to die. If they do, you win. They can't even get rid of the curse, there's always someone out there who can die for your win.
Giving the doll to a PR has the risk of that side winning the game, while 3rd parties, found mafia and non-PR's will be around the rosie party getting killed. Heck, waiting to give it to a non-PR can risk those not dying and passing the doll to a PR that then locks either town or mafia in a non-win situation where they'll give the creepy victory just so they "don't lose to the other faction". So effectively, giving the doll to a random person will likely make the easier win. Just give it N1. It's luck based, ruins the pacing of most if not all possible setups by impeding nearly all forms of killings and the best strategy is to play it like a dumb retard. I hate this role.
over 12 years
NL N1 no matter what, doll gets passed around and you're fucked. Just about as luck based as Prophet.
deletedover 12 years
Yeah, it might wanna be nerfed a bit when you can win this easily on N1.
over 12 years
@Quintafeira12 It's not as easy as you put it. For example, a person KNOWS when they are the Creepy Girl's target. No other role like this (Lyncher/Warlock) allows their target to know who they are. Also, if the target makes it to the next night, they could pass it to somebody else and then Creepy Girl doesn't know who their target is. The only big problem with this role is people being stupid and saying, "hurrdurr that person claimed that they had the doll. I think I should shoot them". -.-
over 12 years
This is the easiest role to win with I've seen in a long while...
>So this is survivor+lyncher combo? - Yep, only you also get to pick who is the lynchee. And Lyncher needs to survive already to begin with. And it's not just lynches, its any death. Stupidest role to add to the game out of the lot, pretty much.
over 12 years
Though that might make the Creepy Girl underpowered.
over 12 years
What if the doll can't be passed to a person at night if they die at the same time? Basically, make it that the doll remains with the person that is trying to pass it so that the only time the doll can really have an effect is during the day (unless of course both the person passing the doll and receiving the doll are killed at night). This could also prevent random N1 wins.
over 12 years
it's OP imo... make it need to have two people die with dolls. or three, but she can give one doll per turn
over 12 years
over 12 years
If anybody has any ideas to modify this role, post it in here. I would like to hear you ideas. Lucid might want to make a change if there is too much of an OP problem (I still don't know how creepy girl managed to win after just one death in a 16 person game lol).
over 12 years

Not sure if this is intended, but it seems like it's either too easy for the creepy girl to win, or the role is glitched. I think that this role should also have to survive until the end or successfully give a doll to someone two/three times and they die.
over 12 years
so this is like a survivor+lyncher combo almost?
over 12 years
I personally believe Pecan's icon was better but I guess I was wrong.
over 12 years
@lucid Basically, they pass the doll once and there is only one doll. Nobody can hold on to the doll for more than one day at a time so the person holding the doll has to pass it to another person the following night.
over 12 years
@puddiouddi Its weakness is that after the first day the Creepy Girl will have no idea who the first person passed the doll to.
over 12 years
so its like a lyncher with bonus of choosing the person and not only winning by lynching -k too easy too win