• Gives out at random a crystal, gun, knife, snowball, bomb, or vest to a random player each night
  • Appears as villager
  • Sided with the village

In popular setups

Turning Tricks played 3,020 times
Thiefster Multi played 203 times
almost 6 years
the mechanics are not properly explained. the trickster items are sometimes fake. why is it not mentioned ?
almost 6 years
Guns: 50/50 real/fabbed
Vests: 50/50
Crystals: 50/50 (fake ones don't have night meetings)
Knives: Always work ("fake" knives still kill)
Snowballs: Always work
Bombs: Always work
over 7 years
I just seen a trickster knife fail to kill someone with the message: "Suddenly, OminousTriangle rushes at magicalriolu with a knife! OminousTriangle trips over a rock and falls onto the ground. magicalriolu runs away!"
over 7 years
over 7 years
Also gives out bombs
over 7 years
Should give fake one instead...
over 7 years
Why not bread? You can never have enough bread.
over 7 years