Insane Cop
  • Visits one person every night.
  • Receives a report with that person's alignment.
  • Guilty reports will appear innocent.
  • Innocent reports will appear guilty.
  • Appears as normal Cop to himself and upon death.
  • Sided with the village.

In popular setups

dethy played 9,490 times
Classic Variant played 1,972 times
Critical Thinking played 585 times
Hooker/Janitor in Dethy played 416 times
Lynchables played 393 times
Inner City Late Night v.2 played 355 times
Setup 19914 played 346 times
Cop hunting played 319 times
Negative development played 279 times
Reports aren't everything played 272 times
over 6 years
Immune to Cthulhu. That's neat af.
almost 7 years
Personal favorite role of the Czar =P
almost 7 years
what about GodFather though
almost 11 years
chrlat true sanity shows up on the end of the game.
deletedover 11 years
Insane Cop teams up with Regular Cop. Amazing team.
over 11 years
i think this is ok... but on death it should show that you are insane. otherwise youll get -k'd for gamethrowing!!!
about 12 years
Insane coated with a sane cop suit and if stolen the real sanity will be revealed lol :
about 13 years
Its not harder, he just needs to work with it lol.
over 13 years
Alone is a hard game. In the 4 cops feature it`s an extra hard game, but awesome!
over 13 years
Freaking awesome.