Club Foxy

owned byEric7 July 5, 2012 3:58am

We don't mean to be feisty, but that's just what we are. Our whiskers are tempting, and our fur is luscious, but our bites reek with vengeance. When we purr, it is only to manipulate the simple minds of everyone who is not us. We are stealthy. We have nine lives. We are a feline fighting force. Our tails whip those behind us and our paws claw those in front of us. We have eyes in the eyes in the back of our heads. Our tongues burn like acid and our litter stings like poison. We teach Einstein how to interpret logic. We teach Chuck Norris how to fight. Sherlock Holmes is our slave and Plato is our butler.

If you care to learn more about us, I would not recommend asking. Decapitation, asphyxiation, combustion, dehydration, electrocution, and diarrhea are not the ways to go. Other than that, have a stupendous day.
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Our Junior family of Foxes:

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Foxy's Most Wanted List:

> 1. EvilPyro > 2. Yarrr > 3. Doconme > 4. CountNebula > 5. AdrenalineMime > 6. Sarynade > 7. Hedonismbot

Past Members

1. <a href="">Rettyretro</a> - Left 8/9/2012

2. <a href="">Redspade</a> - Kicked 8/10/2012

3. <a href="">DeyG3iGs</a> - Kicked 8/18/2012

4. <a href="">kylehlp123</a> - Left 9/21/2012

5. <a href="">EvilPyro</a> - Left 11/5/2012

6. <a href="">colfer</a> - Kicked 12/31/2012

7. <a href="">toughcookies</a> - Left 2/8/2013

8. <a href="">apeescaper</a> - Left 3/3/2013