retired towncaroler, ex-townslasher

•Can send anonymous messages that appear during day phases.

•Sided with the village.

Unarguably, the best EpicMafia character. Here to deliver trivia as your friendly neighborhood Town Crier :D

in love with mistletoe <3 / alternatively: towNBcriers (they/he on TC please)

Tracking all currently active role accounts here:

fun fact. in all my 20+ games of Benny's winter, I have never rolled town crier.

FOOL WIN OF GAME 7,777,777:

ex-slasher 🔪, ex-towncaroler🎵

cute players list: caitelatte, PikachuUwU, lanadeltaco, imsoosmartical, mistle

————- guiser tips: ———-

1) if its d1 or d2, I like to throw (hopefully tastefully?) in guiser unless lylo. I will try very hard to vote off someone who I dont think is guiser because my personal philosophy is that guisers should get at least 2 chances to guise successfully

2) I like say hi to everyone! but if I do this during pregame, I might not do this in game

3) I use a lot of hearts and also say yayyyyyyyy (with variations) a lot

3.5) never use the mafia :( face it looks ugly tbh

4) if all else fails, just start giving trivia. make it something fun :D

5) when appropriate, spam GATOR or ASSO or GOV.