If I had a nickel for every time i got karma, I would have two nickels, Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.
Rain Land

gxdCirca Frequently Asked Questions that Are Not Frequently Asked but I Will Label Them As So Regardless:

How many more score do you need? - Precisely 6000

What's with the semicolon? - Google it

What is that song? - Surprising

Lol you have no kudos - not a question

Help me on Fantasy Premier League - still not a question but here goes:

  • Pick players in each matchweek who haven't played yet to get more points

  • Pick all players from different teams UNLESS you are confident a team will win, in which case get some of those players

  • Compare the price you bought a player at (displayed under their name and team shirt) with the current price (displayed on menu)

  • If you notice your player is injured, out of form or simply being sold a lot (notice the GW Transfer Out screen) then it is essential you sell your player and replace them before their price lowers too much

  • If you notice players who are in form (notice Form Rating) or being bought a lot (GW Transfer In) then buy them before their price goes up too much. You can also sell them later on at the higher price!

  • Notice that reaching the top 20 Managers each week will allow you to be rewarded with several items, and reaching top 20 in the whole season has several rewards including VIP hospitality at 2021/22 Premier League games