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in love with imsoosmartical i dont think i ever hard carried this much as town before ... zippy the goat for saving the game before i had the chance to lmao 1st kudo!!! :D watch this video if you're too lazy in life

What is more important to me than the trophy is the story behind it and all of the people that helped me throughout my journey, i really hope you all read this whole message and someway somehow have it have an impact on your life, anyways i joined in may of 2020 a lot of people called me a GT account and trash at the game and i've been receiving a lot of hurtful insults, i tried surrounding myself with great players even though i was terrible and got nasty feedback from them, but i didnt care i kept playing wiht them because i liked their competitive nature and wanted to learn their ways and become great myself the 4 main people i have to thank for this trophy who i studied all their games and not only that they offered to teach me and have taught me MANY MANY things, those people are krista, julia, zippyvinman, and pranay, and it wasn't only those 4 who helped me they were just the main contributions, i also learned a lot by playing with other pros like spf, d3x, ilario, anne, matt, etc. i would also like to thank people who i have had memorable games with off the top of my head of you just completely holding me on your back and carrying me, that would be darkb, charley, and rotaryevaporator, if someone else did a phenomenal job and completely carried me i'm sorry that i left you out, i only put the ones that i remembered off the top of my head, i would like to thank imsoosmartical and chickenfriend for keeping me occupied on things non comp related throughout the round and keeping my mind off the stress of running for a trophy, i had a lot of fun playing unranked and texas holdem, dice wars, liars dice, etc with you it helped keep my mind off running and i had a lot of fun. i would like to thank the people who never gave up on me throughout me playing this game, i always had low self esteem and thought of myself as a bad player, but people like darkb, disoriented, zippy, krista, and julia, goodfella, have always helped keep my confidence high and whenever i lost all faith and hope and just straight up called myself a shit player they helped me feel better and lift my spirit, now that all of the thanking is done for the people who helped me on my journey i NEED to tell you guys the story behind the trophy, i saw a comment on a thread saying anyone can trophy as long as they play all of their hearts, and i thought this round was going to be dead empty because of a lot of people quitting the game so i decided to give it my best shot, putting hours into the game every single day of hardwork and determination, i started off great, got colder throughout the middle of the round, and clutched it up at the end, but that's not what makes it a great story.... halfway through the round my computer monitor completely broke and i wasnt able to use it AT ALL i had to settle with my moms computer which is really terrible and slow and had crappy everything, i wasnt going to let a broken computer stop me from trying to trophy, i kept pushing and working hard keeping my eyes on the prize, then 1-2 days later a very bad hurricane hits my area and 90% of my state goes out of power, so far it's been 2 days without power idk how long it's going to last for, i got nervous as hell and cried and got mad, i felt as if everything was going against me, i felt as if all the prayers i sent up to god, the opposite was happening, i was sitting flat down with my head down on my dining room table tonight when i heard a notification on my dads phone, i thought everyone in my house had no internet, i checked my dads phone as a last second effort, but he had 20% on his phone and i couldnt play my hearts out on his phone, i checked the round and found out i was in 4th place and that i had to use my 5 hearts in order to trophy so i begged my dad to drive me to some hotel room with internet and he said no i got so sad i almost cried until i knew my aunt who lives 20 minutes away has power and internet, i begged him to let me sleep over their house that night just to use out my last 5 hearts, i worked so hard for something and i wasnt going to let a broken computer or a hurricane stop me from trying to achieve my goals, i went out and drove all the way to my aunts house to play out my hearts, i was motivated determined and dedicated towards trophying and i never wanted to give up at any point, if you want to be great in life you're going to work your ass off for it, no days off in life, limited breaks and nonstop hardwork, i had to treat every game as if it was a snipe game or as if i wasnt trophying because i was competing against hundreds of other people for something that we all wanted and only 3 people could have but i wanted it more than everyone else, i worked so unbelievably hard for it and i didnt want to give up at any point i would like to thank this work ethic to kobe bryant he's been a huge motivation in my life and helped me get past things and achieve goals just through straight up hard work