in love with vaguelaud

Physically, Stupido is a very beautiful and attractive young man. He is rather exotic and has an "ethereal" beauty with an air of masculine mystery. Stupido has a very soulful and magical beauty and he is almost uniformly masculine, in which he possesses somewhat of a fragile and enigmatic aura. Stupido has soft and gentle facial features and he has somewhat of a delicate appearance. There is also something rather dreamy about his physical appearance. Stupido has a heart-shaped face, with full cheeks and a pointed chin. Stupido has very expressive, soulful, dreamy and beautiful eyes; they are large, round and almond-shaped which are seen to be cerulean in coloring. His eyes almost have a feeling of a boundless ocean; an ethereal quality that is very hard to pinpoint. He has perfectly shaped arched eyebrows which frame over his limpid and soulful eyes. He has a nice, slender and straight nose. Stupido has well-shaped, full and sensuous lips, with straight white teeth and a warm and generous smile. He has light skin and luxurious dark brown wavy hair. Stupido has a slim yet athletic figure. Stupido is also rather tall at about 6’3. Stupido regularly changes his hairstyle, in the early seasons, he had his hair regularly styled in very tight curls and sometimes soft waves, however in the later seasons, his hair is much straighter and the length is somewhat shorter. He dresses in a casual manner with nice sweaters and jeans, and does not like to dress up in trendier and fancier clothing.