in love with glacial

Brother Benjamin,

It is with great sorrow that you have taken your own life. I, as well as many of your friends on this site, friends in real life, and family did not pick up on any hints that you had suicidal tendencies. I don't know what you could have possibly gone through but it must have been rough. The measures I would have done to talk you out of this are innumerable. You were such an amazing, kind, funny person. I am absolutely gutted by this.

I will never forget how you were my biggest fan when I was hosting Survivor games in your bazzainver days, and you thought I was the best host there ever was. You took a long hiatus but then came back, and quickly became one of the best players. You won trophy, after trophy, after trophy. At one point I had an EM podcast that you were interviewed for. I got to interview you right here: ( You were good enough to be put on Epic Mafia Live twice. You were generous enough to provide me this account "sleepincolor" for me. I loved the aesthetic of it. I used it more and more and eventually I won a gold trophy on it. It was in your name that I did it. It's our gold trophy. You also decided to take ownership of one of my older accounts seen above. I made a setup you loved to play in your honor. This website will never forget your legacy. I will miss you so bad.

You are gone now, but it's not goodbye, it's see you later. I know that I will see you again and we'll become best bros in the clouds.

Before I wrap out this tribute I just want to link this to you guys. If you or anyone you know is having suicidal tendencies, please refer to the nearest Suicide Hotline. Information can be found here:

Rest in Peace Benny. 01 April, 1998 - 25 June, 2020. You will be missed sorely.

With much love, Matt