don’t question why popcorn is the best food
Your Friendly Neighborhood
married to teaBoi

I’m that awkward girl neighbor

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uh..if you ever want to guise as me just talk a lot

guise test: give me Disney trivia

Ask any question, you will get a response -------------->

I'm a mod in the EM League lobby, so uh join us.

Hi there

Is someone there?

"Someone spent money on you? That's even worse." -David

New (cropped) avi creds to Ahri, thanks. beautiful drawing by Nooby fabulous drawing by purplelizard gorgeous drawing by emsychum spectacular pixel art from Sidepunch

4/20/2020 me and teaBoi got married (thank you Sirius for the help)

Thanks oooby & Nooby & Spooky for the stickers

If you ever want to join a game with your linked alt, I can teach you.

my profile is literal cancer