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This ain't a Tinder profile, thanks lol

Hi, I'm APsychologist, you can refer me as AP/psych/psycho/psycho boy,girl.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I'm a student at some university in Canada. (Not specifying which one lol).

Although my main interest lies in sociology, I have a lot of other interests, such as math, natural science, psychology, economics, Japanese, business. In fact, Psychology was one of my favorites subjects at a time.

Outside my (boring lol) academic life, I love watching anime, courtroom drama on Netflix shows, drawing random anime characters, going out for karaoke, etc. And of course, playing EM!! =D

I'm an avid comp player. I absolutely LOVE comp games!! Since my school isn't going to start until May 2020, I'm going to keep coming back to this site and play quite a bit. (See you all around)

When I'm not playing, not studying, I'm just daydreaming and scribbling with my notebook. Hehe.

I love playing with my friends, with skilled, level-headed opponents, with respectful players.

[/Special] Shout out to those players who pushed me to become stronger, who showed me what it takes to be a refined mafia player. I love you all! ^_^ [Special]

If you want to learn Chinese/Cantonese/Mandarin, feel free to PM me. I can try to help you out.

Favorite Animes: Code geass R1 R2, Death Note, FMA Brotherhood, braised pork rice, parks, library

Thanks for reading my profile. I wish y'all have a great day.

If you wanna be my friend, just add me on discord! ACE Psycho#0481

I'm a friendly person :3