"Now presenting a horror story or a happy ending, depending on which one of us is pretending"
in love with Ngekop73

I am an 19 year old Autistic Christian furry in bible college and hoping to one day be a pastor. I enjoy music and playing skyrim a lot and do that with mot of my free time. I have a strong passion for writing and am working on novel around 160,000 words. This game for me is an amazing please that i very much love and am glad to be a part of. The people here for the most part have been very supportive of me in my hard time and i really appreciate each and every one of them.

TheGreatCornHolio is my friend and comrade whether we be town or mafia. >:}

I would ask that people please be respectful about me being a furry though. I have no sexual attraction to it and its more of a place where i felt accepted with my tulpa Validor. Most people have been gracious and left me alone, but please I don't handle it very well when people here tell me to go kill myself over it. If you don't like it please don't comment

List Of Top Friends On This Site Imo: Rapsican, SteveGreene, Senty, Disoriented, MoodyGuy, Edwin, Chenoan, MoldyChess, GodStephCurry, Flashbar, Thegreatcornholio, Thepersonthatisgood, Alisonnn, ZzFifthElelmentzZ, SamP4Palmer2, GangsterGamer, EzraBest, HamBone, Leaderofmangos, LillyTheLapras, ragefakar, Scoobibop, Groove, Haelnorr, Racecar159, and Marah, Fro30, Saltright, Wesly, Klio, Carlos13. If i forgot someone that needs to be on here tell me uwu