I eat mafias for breakfast
Doge Haven
Doge Lords

Don't mind my name, just a random thing.

Can't see your own profile picture? 1. Go to google browsing history (cmd Y) : 2. Clear browsing data: 3. select ONLY clear cached image and file: 4. clear data. <-- 5:07 guessed role correct lmao

11 win streak:

How do you play spy/agent? Step 1, find the role you want to find out. Step 2,

Step 3, copy bee movie script and spam contact the role.

Step 4, profit.

How do you Role Swap in guns and hookers?

If you are villager, prepare this line "I gunned someone and will give them 5 seconds to hipfire me". Paste the message if you actually recieve a gun and hope gs say he's gunned.

Moody is always 2/2 correct, always trust moody :D

(about 20% of the time but we don't talk about that)


What is the best emoji:


Am I good at the game?


Am I gay?

No, stop asking.

What is the best setup?

Coco's Epic Setup