It got deeper
The Land of Ooo
Noavi Power

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-F ight for you

-R espect you

-I nvolve you

-E ncourage you

-N eed you

-D eserve you

-S ave you.

Never forget to recognize those who have made your journey all the more special. Everyone deserves something ~

And then there's me-

Don't call me a gt alt, I'm a main account. I go by many names. Some call me a taker. Some call me a lover. Some call me the worst player in their tables, and honestly idk which is right, just having an identity is all I care about.

Every game I am in will have RS, wifoms, big plays, or just alot of talking. I'm a cocky account, what can I say? I stay loyal to one thing and one thing only; nothin.

I don't follow rules or do the norm. I follow what my heart tells me and that's all. The games are the stage, I'm the star. Remember earlier when I was talking about how I can get cocky? Yeah I dont either. I don't talk to talk, I just like to shouting into the void.

I don't run, that's for tryhards