The rose to his thorn, and the warmth to his heart.
New Zealand
Creamy Town
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                  S.J.T <3 (9.2.19 : 9:09pm)



It's as if the world all had their own masks. Hiding their real identities beneath, whilst appearing to be someone with genuineness, compassion and respect. In fact we're all devouring solitude, and can only find acceptance through the partnership of others, which evolves around respect and authority. Acceptance isn't a free thing nowadays, you are required to steep to the level of power. You can't be open with your sexuality, race or your emotional well being, that you dwell on continuously, day after day. The more you indulge the pain, your mask begins to fade away, and you have nowhere to hide. You are scared, scared of the fact that your true personality is going to be shown to the public, but their acceptance isn't there, nor is forgiveness. You have no retaliation, but to become scared and feel the hatred and pain.