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The Quantum Foam

hi my name is xdpenguinboy and I dont know how to play epicmafia, if you see me acting like i do know how to play its because i'm very good at acting

my biggest achievement in life is getting admin to implement party host

lel lelelel l elel le lel elel

>The best sandbox quotes:

"Bread can be culted..." - TheScheme

"I feel a sense of accomplishment when someone quotes me" - VaniWah

"Alright. I will suck my own dick for eighty rounds." - PlayStation4

"this man is infringing on my personal freedoms, either we lynch him or i air my grievances to my local LGBT counsellors" - 1999AD

"I might be wrong tho, I might be insane santa" - HonestBro, from someone else


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