Cookie land
Trophyless nub club

Cookies! My random quote corner XD ________________________________ AntiqueMonkey, the jailer, has died a bloody death. ArianaOsgood, the jailer, has died a bloody death.

RedCoyote: lol no RedCoyote: Im actually opposite RedCoyote: I like banana but I dont like banana flavor much

Bettie: MOOOOOOOOOO Bettie: T AntiqueMonkey: milk me AntiqueMonkey: MILKS BETTIE AntiqueMonkey: cow

leety: if you was maf, you would've hammered Cheeeese: :p AntiqueMonkey: i would?

Mafia wins! AntiqueMonkey gained 55 points! This game was ranked.

AntiqueMonkey: leety: i know you're gonna vote the right one! <--- right one for maf win!!!

^ haha.. i've been given the hammer a few times that day when i was maf, i lol'd

bubblekiller13: never trust boobs AM bubblekiller13: never

haha, she said it herself, don't trust the womens with teh B00bs.

Sabotage: kick? flymphnt: afk? AntiqueMonkey: sure why not lucidrains turned into a vegetable!

omg omg omg Lucid AFK'd!!!!! and i led to his kick XD

AntiqueMonkey: can i have some taters? Bettie: flings potatoes at monkey AntiqueMonkey: i'll be fair and fling something back AntiqueMonkey: flings monkay poo at Bettie Regfan: Don't am she will eat it AntiqueMonkey: XD

AntiqueMonkey: hi =) ajstewart: <3 ajstewart: maybe i need to get laid ajstewart: lol AntiqueMonkey: i'll help XD AlexisonfireTOO: lmao

AndiMuise: If we were to dick deep enough and truly see,

^ lul dirty person is dirty