In Catalan, they have a term called, "Enciam de pit pitant". That means "Your eyes are like stars." I think it is beautiful.

you may have heard of an elf on a shelf, now get ready for

The First ever Rabbit (Leporid) Anthropologist and Modern Theorist/Analyst.

I study humans and their tendencies because it is 99.98993% of the humans' faults for the destruction of Earth and the imbalances in the scale of the Food Chain and the Circle of Life.

I study their habits, their languages, their pop culture, their psychology/physiology, as well as any outliers they have from the rest.

Little does the rest of the human population know (or care), the world is getting ever close to being destroyed, and I am the motivating force behind the rest of the animal kingdom attempting to equalize the force of the humans and create a positive, neutral peace and harmony that allows everyone to live worry-free and to follow the circle of life.