Get better at mafia or go to tinder.

Let's be honest, this is just a PSA against motorized transportation of any kind.

During the whole movie, transportation gives our characters something, only for the malicious pleasure of taking it away from them.

Ep1: The story starts off with a train cutting off our jolly little couple-to-be. Remember this train. This train is important.

Much later Train is late, makes him lose the letter, makes him anxious as balls-> this forces him to actually speak his mind and connect like they used to. Also they got to sleep together because it was too late to go back. The train gives .

As they are about to convey their feelings for each other the train doors get shut in their faces. Dead fucking cold. The train takes away

Ep2: Side girl wants to confess to our Chad Thundercock, she misses her first opportunity, but her scooter dies, granting her a full walk home. Jackpot. The scooter gives

Right when she's about to confess though, APOLLO FUCKING THIRTEEN cockblocks her like no woman has ever been cockblocked before. The Shuttle takes away

Ep3: Chad is depressed and honestly a bit creepy, Stacey is just a bit wistful, but nonetheless would totally go back to when she was 14 sleeping in shacks with little boys.

And there they are, literally at 5cm per cockblock to each other, they both turn aroundBUTGUESSWHATTHEVERYSAMETRAINFROMTHEBEGINNINGFUCKINGWRECKSTHEIRLIVESFOREVER!!! The train ultimately takes everything away .

Chad ends up killing himself after sleeping with 4eyes McPigtails.

Stacey ends up in a loveless marriage with 3 children, a dog and a senile grandmother, Overdoses on Xanax at 39.

The moral of the story?

Run bitch. Run.