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Yes it's 4thNightFacinorous!

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Well hello there fellow EpicMafia user! Please take a seat. Do you take any form of beverage? Tea? Milk and no sugar I hear? Coming right up.

Welcome to my in-progress profile (with emphasis of the in-progress part). The name's 4thNightFacinorous but you can call me "4thNightFacinorous", "FourthNightFacinorous", "FourthNightTheFacinorous" or "The 4thNightFacinorous" depending on the situation.

You could in theory call me 4thNight or even 4th but when we have the tab button, I consider that a sign of laziness, lack of disciple needed to survive the harsh lands of the Games lobby and lack of due courtesy befitting a user of my stature.

So some simple things to get out of the way:

Where can you find me?

  • The Simple answer is wherever Dice Wars is located. Though I'll usually be in Sandbox, you can regularly catch me in Games or Main lobby provided Dice Wars is being hosted there.

What time can you find me?

  • The fuck am I supposed to know?

Are you an alt?

  • If you're expecting me to be someone else you'll be disappointed. I'm shocked how often I'm asked this.

Some previous songs on my profile:

Nintendo (I guess?) - Mii Channel Theme

Dschinghis Khan - Moskau

Talking Heads - Once in a Lifetime

I'm now on my fifth avi!