The cultivation of an elevated and refined friendship is so liable to be retarded by the petty jealousies and misunderstandings which assail frail human nature, the silver cord which binds together kindred hearts so easily severed, that we can but lament that there is no sufficient antidote against the poisonous infusion of envy -- no Aeolian cave in which to confine the whirlwind of sudden passion.

The stern dictates of selfishness will rule with iron sway when no cherished bond of union leads to conciliation and teaches mutual concession and forbearance to those whom the routine of life brings into familiar contact.

For the cultivation of true friendship, then, for mutual protection and advancement in intellectual, moral, and social life, keeping always in view that liberality of sentiment due to our fellow students and to all mankind, we do, individually and collectively, electing and elected, form ourselves into a fraternity, whose transactions, hallowed by an exalted friendship, shall be veiled from the rude gaze of public scrutiny, and we do mutually pledge our sacred honor to keep the spirit and letter of the following Constitution.

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