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Reporting for reporting me for questionable reasons. Serra believes my comments were targeted to the actual 'palyers' and not the 'roles' of the game, which I think you have a problem. Based on your logic, there are roles in this game should be illegal. Are you saying if I said to a mafia role that I will kill you because you kill villagers, I should be accused of threatening? Also it was very evident that I was trolling as spy, and definitely not referring to any individual player, but just trolling on the roles. Other players also admitted that. Calling mason pedo was a light reference to the conspiracy theory on freemasons and so were other things in reference to what the actual roles, irl, have some relevance in them. Once again, I did not call any individual player a 'pedo' or 'racist' you can go back to the games as see it yourself, I am only referring it to the roles. Then as a spy, what am I supposed to say to the other roles, just nice words? If I was cursing any players specifically then that would be a problem and I didn't. I even apologized after the game, for trolling, if even that offended you. So if any of that offended you, I do apologize but you take things way too seriously. You should also note that I'm not the only person you kicked for reasons that for many would be somewhat questionable. Maybe I should play mafia games only saying extremely nice things since I don't know what will make you offended.




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