I only play setups which I like. I'm fed up with sheriff setups and powergaming.

Mistakes made by most experienced players:

  • Killing non-clear pr reads over towntelling people when those pr don't put mafia into autoloss.
  • Killing scumlooking hardclaimed pr over towny blue in janitor setups.
  • Saccing cc who appears scummier than them (especially on lylo).
  • Thinking that watcher is a protective role such as doc, BG, etc.
  • Lawing a role over a player.
  • Doing suboptimal strats that may lead them into autoloss.
  • Lynching outside confirmed mafia when the lynch doesn't help investigative roles in getting better reports (especially lynching "for auto", with only one non-confirmed mafia left).
  • Presuming that talking helps mafia in getting pr reads.
  • NK'ing expecting to be randomly saved by doc.
  • Sharing mistakes made by most experienced players with other users.

I have mastered the mechanics so much that I can even bypass censors.

Discord: PatrykSzczescie#1452