reasons to live

I've been made aware I can be "kind of a bummer" so my profile shall now contain an ever growing list of things that make me happy thanks for listening

  • blue grapes
  • baby polar bears
  • girls with freckles
  • when someone else does my hair
  • listening to music that makes me feel 16 again
  • when a new episode of a show i've been desperately waiting for comes out
  • when i'm ahead enough in monopoly that i know i won the game but everyone still has to play with me
  • feeling small
  • being cold and having someone else warm me up
  • these chicken wings from this place in my city..boneless with honey garlic and drizzled with caesar and parmesan
  • driving a boat
  • mourning doves
  • disaronno and coke on a summer day
  • frozen yogurt
  • blowing raspberries on someone's belly
  • squishy sand in my toes
  • 4am pickles and cheese
  • falling asleep on the water
  • seeing someone else stand up for me
  • the tiny rabbit sanctuary down the road
  • my future children (all girls)
  • resting my head in someone's chest
  • when someone accuses me of cheating in a video game
  • being inside on a rainy day
  • falling asleep to someone singing
  • when a total stranger or very distant acquaintance is genuinely kind to me for no apparent reason
  • guys old enough to have silver hair but still nice skin
  • when i make a new friend
  • when i wake up in the morning to a message that makes me laugh
  • that moment when it's close enough to work being over that i realize i don't have to do any more work that day
  • when people find "my nose thing" cool
  • kraft dinner
  • that feeling of both being high and really sleepy and i'm struggling to stay awake
  • watching someone enjoy food i cooked for them
  • wearing heels on hardwood floor
  • having my back scratched
  • when i'm having a bad day and some small gesture turns it around
  • exploring a new street or park i've never been to
  • Kinder Bueno
  • good friends who let me vent about how capitalism is the source of all oppression for an hour and also are supportive people
  • when my hair is kind of like killing it today even though i didn't do anything different


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