Engaging the Grey.

General Bio:

I sometimes lurk deal with it.

Looking for a Family. Preferably a competitive one with an overall winning record.

I am also the pioneer of the Failbot(z) -[O]_[o]- which will be presented only in the most fail town situation.

You will find me to be the most Pro-town player in all circumstances. Even if I'm mafia, I have to fos myself. That's how pro-town I am.

I report all trolls and questionable instances of cheating and game throwing.

Integrity is what makes this game fun. When people cheat, it depreciates the value of winning.

Gameplay and Strategy:

Guise codes are lame because they disrupt and compromise the integrity of the game.

Regarding Karma:

I always Karma for good game strategy and play (even if I lose). I ask players to do the same when adding or reducing my Karma. I do not -K for losing a game alone. I do not -K no avys. I -K trolls, cheaters, and people who deliberately throw a game (win or lose). I do not return -K for players who -K me based on game skill.

Please comment on Karma that you either give or take away. Thanks.



06/14/11 : Made honor role as Blue.


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