In a Nut-shell

  • Horrible scum-hunter, decent POE town-hunter

  • Dont try to peg my meta - it doesnt exist

  • Worst forum poster on epicmafia

  • Obsessive setup creator

My Setups

here are my favorite creations

Played in Competetive




Casual Setups


http://epicmafia.com/setup/635881 Based circle-jerk setups designed to troll and throw. shoot people you don't know, convert the cool kids. also good for a dominatrix prison sex scene in the twilight hours. Made in collaboration with Sarah. After winning gold, she renamed these setups to something obscene to troll the lobby page preround.

http://epicmafia.com/setup/690727 "Mindf***" was a ton of fun. the setup was built around an old bug in alignment checks that let mimic steal most roles that came up inno on a cop report. it was spammed in the old main lobby, replacing minesweeper for a day, until it was pummeled with mod-negs... then remade in several variations over the years. RIP in peace. thanks a lot Shmeur, u killed it :(

Concept Setups


"Lovers Mafia" is adapted from a forum mafia mechanic that allows town to win after lynching 1 mafia. Scum can split votes to survive n2 if they are both alive.


"Everyone Needs a Friend" is an experiment regarding what happens to the game of mafia when everyone is "an informed minority". everyone shares a night meeting with someone. Templars are usually confirmed town, and everyone else is trying to figure out which cop pairs are scum. Reports don't mean anything here. Cops are just another excuse to have a friend.


an experiment in global reports with no PRs. Sleepwalkers and scum bump into loudmouths at night. tried several versions, this no-flip was my favorite... but it landed scumsided AF due to poor mechanical play

mostly inactive

I hardly ever actually play games on this site anymore.

I came to realize that this sites version of mafia is almost purely mechanical. with some good POE and half a brain for mechanics you can win most of your games easily.

frankly, im bored.

If you want to play with me, message me on mafiascum (soft-spoken) and we can sign up for the same game.

I'm practicing my scum-hunting skills in an environment where it actually matters.