Church of Sandbox
married to Isaac1998


blood4bloodgod - shayne, you're the king of sanbox

lazershus - ur a disgrace to women everywhere

Mason775 - lol shayneismyname does look like he'd send dick pics on dpicmafia lol

Fuck - you're my favorite

Emjack - shayne, are you Australian?

AugVarRop - shayne is a cuttie

Nickelskov - Because you made me laugh so I notice you more

BlackLucio - you are the new drunk

Shigginator - shayne is the leader of the aryan union irl

orienz - you're always a cunt ...

BarbaraSmith - You're disgusting.

Musume - pimp of sandbox

CupcakKe - can i sit on your face?

ookami - I keep my passion for science and my passion for dick sepperate

xiuxiufunnymmoments - shayne youre great

aquilaa - shayne is literally the king of unranked

quasimodo - wow cant believe im on shaynes page

female - ur literally hopeless

MrMongrel - shayneismyname is my pal

slorp - ur most alpha epicmafia male

GodStephCurry - you have such a wide variety of interests and knowledge in things its nice

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