Last Of My Kind
The Diamond Sacs
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Did you know you can use someone's custom emotes if you're disguised as that person in a game? Here's mine:


:rtzw:         :think:         :dab:         :eat:        :joke:

About me:

I started playing in December, 2012.

                           My old avatar →

These days I stick to playing in Sandbox, but I used to play a lot in Vidya Lobby too.

I made two roles that have been officially added to Epicmafia.

← Original icon concept for the Justice.

The Diabolist was originally named the Scrutineer (a person who watches over elections to prevent mistakes). He used to look like this. →

My anonymous decks are Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 40k Plus (when lucid increased the game size to 50), and Dungeon of the Endless.

I've made a couple of silly videos about Epicmafia, but this one was easily the most popular.


I had a brief time as sandbox lobby moderator, but things didn't work out.



Here's my assortment of Epicmafia pictures I've made or saved over the years.