I'll be here even after you've gone.
The Diamond Sacs
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My emotes (in case you're currently disguised as me):


:rtzw:         :think:         :dab:         :eat:        :joke:

About me:

I started playing in December, 2012.

                           My old avatar →

These days I stick to playing in Sandbox, but I used to play a lot in Vidya Lobby too.

I made two roles that have been officially added to Epicmafia.

← Original icon concept for the Justice.

The Diabolist was originally named the Scrutineer (a person who watches over elections to prevent mistakes). He used to look like this. →

My anonymous decks: Warhammer 40k, Warhammer 40k Plus, and Dungeon of the Endless (never finished). Lucid, please make deck sizes variable so people don't have to come up with 50 identities for each!

I've made a couple of silly videos about Epicmafia, but this one was easily the most popular.


I had a brief time as sandbox lobby moderator, but things didn't work out.



Here's my assortment of Epicmafia pictures I've made or saved over the years.