The HBIC: Head Bitch in Charge
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Stay Funky! Stay Super!

<img src="" alt="Image Hosted by"/><br/> If you don't know me you might know me for some of the other things I have done...

  • Started the Survivor game mode (not the setup, but the actual game of it) on Epic Mafia, even bringing the game Epic Survivor to the forums.

  • I hosted my own radio/videocast show back when the radio was first starting out called the Funk-E show where I interviewed famous figures from Epic Mafia.

  • Was one of the first people to petition and eventually get the Host role added to the site, without my nagging Lucid may not have ever added the role. I also created the Zombie role and petitioned to get it implemented on the site.

  • I have hosted numerous off-site mafia games which can be seen below: