Stupid Ohio

Howdy! You've come to my profile for whatever reason, so I'll tell you a tiny bit about myself.

Firstly, I am a rare creature known as a gamer woman. Yes, we do exist on the internet, and IRL. Shocker, right?

My entire family (at least the part that matters) are a bunch of pyrotechnicians. So when you enjoy fireworks, like on the 4th of July, it's people like my family and I who shoot them off. When it's all done and people are cheering, you feel like a rockstar! So when you go see a show with big professional fireworks, cheer like crazy! We love it!

I'm in my 5th year at college, getting a degree in Planetary Science. This past summer has been very rough for me. An organ died, which forced me to drop out of school one month before finals, being told that I am about to succeed in my quest to kill myself, then realizing that I really don't want to die because I've found out what makes life worth living. I've been working all summer, not a day off.

The people I thought I could count on vanished and only came around when it was convenient for them, and those whom I had just met became the closest and best friends I could ever have asked for.

So, life has been taking me on a roller-coaster ride. I'm back at college and ready to tackle my last undergraduate year. I hope it ends with a smile and me walking across that platform with my degree.


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