The Emerald City
K.Queen = Pedophile

Elphaba, the Thropp Third Descending from Nest Hardings

Now I just think it's our own lives that are hidden from us. The mystery – who is that person in the mirror – that's shocking and unfathomable enough for me.

People always did like to talk, didn’t they? That’s why I call myself a witch now: the Wicked Witch of the West, if you want the full glory of it. As long as people are going to call you a lunatic anyway, why not get the benefit of it? It liberates you from convention.

I'm an atheist and an aspiritualist.

She would emerge. She always had.

She was dead, dead and gone, and all that was left of her was the carapace of her reputation for malice.

'And there the wicked old Witch stayed for a good long time.'
'And did she ever come out?'
'Not yet.'

May this game be a lesson I should learn myself and why none of you should overestimate me and call me a good player: http://www.epicmafia.com/game/852429

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