Favorite Roles: Survivor, Prophet, Werewolf, Cthulhu, Priest, Amnesiac, Politician, Naive Cop, Killer.

Favorite Suggested roles: Communist [!], Cowboy. DoctorCop

Most disliked roles: Yakuza, Nilla.

Reasons for Survivor: Its the only role I can unconditionally love, because theres no downside to it, you survive, you win, thats it. You can joint with anything, although many people percieve Survivors as a bad thing to have in the village I completely disagree and would willingly reverse a lynch off a survivor if said lynch got put on a confirmed survivor, if you get survivor and see me in the game, claim to me and I will help you.

Reasons for Prophet: Its one of those roles you have to guess really well with, and on random setups thats not exactly simple, with no insight on the roles in the setup you can't accurately predict when the game will end, although this role is unbelievably fun regardless if you win or not for the same reasons as Survivor its the hardest to win as in the game on closed role setups, one way I was thinking they could make Prophet more useful is by letting him see all the roles in the game exactly how the werewolf and tailor can, that way he can make a accurate assessment and it would make perfect sense aswell as give the spy/werewolf/tailor a fall back claim, A good example of this is if the Prophet could see things like this, If say there was a virgin in the game, he could assume that town would lynch the virgin delaying the game a extra day and thus put that extra day into the prophesized time, PM me if your curious about the mechanics of the Prophet.

Reasons for Cthulhu: This role is the most pro-town role ive seen, assuming there is no cult, only scum will reveal the cthulhu when insane, and only scum vote the cthulhu, you may as well be a granny, scumhunt and get the village lynching the scum and lead the village to the victory you were denied, Fun role just to play as village for me.

More descriptions coming later.

Scum Hunting Analysis: Something i've noticed while scumhunting, more often then not mafia are the ones who state things like "How is Galerne Clear?" "I'm not claiming unless you can tell me how Galerne is clear" and/or suggest policy lynches.

Support the anti-policy movement!

I've played about 300/400 sandbox games, and know every role--aside from Host-- inside out.


When playing hunter: I've heard of scumhunting but this is ridiculous.

When FOSed by Cop as village: What are you? Insane?

More coming when I think of em' XD


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