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hey, Chrop ere

10K Mark Hit: 5/8/2011 (5th august)

if u -k or +k plz write why you did :D i will do the same for you People who neg and dont have the decenty to say why are just nerds sitting on there computer saying "HA! I negged him,that will show him not to mess with me" i mean seriously...

GUISE TEST: I Know Nearly Everything there is to know about Nintendo (do not ask me really really hard questions like "what does Down B do as Marth in super smash Bros Brawl"),

Also if i lurk, its only because i am bored blue. only time i really talk in games is when i am clear or cop. i get bored as any other role. so dont complain saying i am maf cuz am lurking.

Also, if i suicide, its because of my internet died. if i have to leave the game. i will tell u all to kill me.

I have been told by everyone that i look scummy. if i am scummy, am sorry, its just my personality.

Funniest game for Me as mafia: Link wont work for me, so i will type what i rememberd happend. N1 - was maf, killed cop D1 - Cop died. I claimed doc, real doc didnt cc (thinking he would be killed by maf) we nl. N2 - picked random guy D2 - killed real doc, everyone was voting me. i told everyone i softclaimed to get myself killed. everyone believed me and we lynched town. Game over, maf wins :D

Other funny maf game: N1: I was doctor, saved someone, D1: i was yakked, we NL N2: I SAVED Person who yakked me, he was alive and 3 mafias were alive, we kill someone WE WIN.

Most guttering game for me: Basically, i was mason all the way through, then at the LAST DAY after working my but off to win as mason. We killed cult leader, i got culted. making me lose out on ALL the points i could of gotten as mason, because i was culted last night...

Was Protown, and got NO Credit for it. N1: am cop, got inno on someone D1: ALOT OF STUFF, 2 ppl claimed cop (not me) then i claimed 3rd, knowing 1 was fool 1 was mafia. I stopped everyone from NL'in and told everyone the consequences. Then vig claimed and saying to nl again, Near the end i stopped possible maf, we all killed her. SHE WAS HOOKER, Vig shot a cop and it was mafia. Guess what... EVERYONE Gave credit to vig, I Found the Hooker which Let the vig shoot! WTH i was just... omg this is Funny! was cop n1, inno on dead vig claimed, we killed blue d2 vig died and i claimed fool i got both maf to out, and after talking and someone being dumb, fool ended up killing mafia cuz maf didnt vote her :P next day the dumb person was maf and since he didnt even Deserve to win AT ALL. fool joined town town win :D


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