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about me: Gangster│Hoodlum│Bandit│Ruffian││││││ ││Thug│Crook│Savage│Sweetheart

Snax♥│ Deb♥│ Kristy♥│ MG♥│ Flipstar♥│ Muki♥│ Cita♥│ Brandon♥│ Dex♥│ Jay♥ (from PA)│ Ryan♥│ Shoopie♥│ Hannah♥│ Allison♥│

fav songs: Hanging By A Moment│ Bat Country│ Drive slow│Photograph - Ed Sheeran│ The Wallflowers - One Headlight│ Project Pat - I Keep That│ Walking Away - Craig David│

fav movies: the count of monte cristo│ batman begins│ thomas crown affair│ a walk to remember│ Gladiator│ The Usual Suspects│ Never Back Down│ October Sky│ Gone in 60 seconds│ Lord of War│ Italian Job│

“fear can cause monsters where none existed before”

“the cure for pain is in the pain.” Rumi

“I haven't changed, but I know I ain't the same.” J Dylan