Peeing in the Sandbox

Icons http://bit.ly/gsdpN3

Icons implemented on EM Virgin, Anarchist, Priest, Detective (Riddler recolored), Dreamer, Lover, Mimic, Tailor, Voodoo Lady, Fiddler, Mastermind, Zombie, Sheriff, Judge, Turncoat, Snoop, Deputy, Interrogator, Santa, Clock Maker, Chef, Celebrity, Party Host, Terrorist, Telepath, Old Maid, Villager, Doctor, Nurse, Priest, Fool, Hooker, Informant, Mistletoe

Village, Sun, Moon, Fire Icon, Sandbox Lobby Icon, Training Lobby Icon, Competitive Lobby Icon, Games Lobby Icon.

Then most of my icons got changed! but you can still see them as Classic!

I had 3745 tokens now I have 890 tokens.

Death Messages

Lucidrains, the merry baker, was lifting some bags of flour when he discovered the mutilated corpse of Himeyasha!!! (Name) has died a bloody death.

Lucidrains was having a swell day fishing when he caught the bloated corpse of Himeyasha!!! (Name) has died watery death.

Lucidrains was minding his own business when he stumbled on top of the corpse of Himeyasha!!! (Name) has died a bloody death.

Lucidrains, the burly mason, was lifting some statues when he discovered the rotten corpse of Himeyasha!!! (Name) has died a lonely death.

Lucidrains was checking out the closet in his hotel when he discovered the strangled corpse of Himeyasha!!! (Name) died from asphyxiation