Casting for youtube reality show10

ISamEI12d 7h

Test your skills in the Gambit Game.

Apply now to this new youtube reality series inspired by the Genius.

Once every two weeks, players will compete in live trials that will test their social and strategic ability, where the winners will be immune and the losers will compete in the duel to determine who will survive to the next episode.

This season will be played on webcams, live, recorded, edited, and published on Youtube. We will be seeking to emulate a playing and viewing experience similar to what the Genius 5 would be. To do this, we will be using a custom website featuring different rooms you can travel to, programmed by Sepro. For any questions, contact ISamEI#9753, Fuzzyduck#9500 or kingaphrodite#6752 on discord.

The game begins on March 20th, and casting closes on March 13th. We will be using rolling casting.

ISamEI12d 7h
Posting this to EM because I know it's a community with a lot of smart people / dramatic people / both
Transcend12d 5h
can't play, but i'll always advocate for how fun Sam's games are
Ominoire10d 19h
Sounds interesting. I gotta give you props for some nice editing btw. Hope you get your cast up and running.
Jake4319d 20h
What are the challenges? Are you allowed to give any genres? I'm trying to piece it together
im in. btw on the survey I think I missed some boxes but I'm all good to go
bird9d 15h
ISamEI9d 11h
What are the challenges? Are you allowed to give any genres? I'm trying to piece it together
As an example, in Season 1 of the Genius (Gambit Game's inspiration) their first challenge is 123 game.

13 players each receive nine cards, three "1 cards", three "2 cards" and three "3 cards".

For the next 40 minutes, players can play matches against each one another. Each player can agree to a match, and play one card against one another. Both cards are used up, and the player with the higher card earns a point.

You may give cards freely to other players. You can communicate freely to other players during a match (and before agreeing to a match as well).

After 40 minutes, if any player has cards left their score will be 0.

The player with the most points earns immunity, and grants immunity to one other player.

The player with the least points chooses someone else without immunity to challenge to a 1 on 1 match.

The loser of that 1 on 1 match is eliminated from the series. Examples of 1 on 1 matches seen on The Genius are variants of Set, Venice Connection, Khet, Indian Poker, and Yutnori.

The games will be more complex (but not significantly more) than 123 Game. The games, generally speaking very social with psychological and strategic elements. In the above game for example, one could quickly find a strat for safety and another min-max strat to guarantee you and your partner immunity.
ISamEI9d 11h
im in. btw on the survey I think I missed some boxes but I'm all good to go
dm me the name you applied under, I can check to see if you checked the boxes you intended to
ISamEI7d 6h
If you applied on Feb 21st, check your email/email spam folder please or dm me. Host team is having trouble getting in contact with you.
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Reminder to apply!

While apps close on March 13th, if you want the best chance of getting in apply by Wednesday.
How do you plan on winning Gambit Game?