Lobby Banner Contest!54

charley14d 10h

Hi friends, the mod team have decided that we are in serious need of a new lobby banner, so we thought why not hold a contest?

Basically, draw/make something that relates to main lobby and the games played there.

The rules:

  • The work must be entirely original. Do not use copyright material. You must be the sole creator of the artwork.
  • You are not limited to one entry per person. You may submit as many as you'd like.
  • Troll entries will be thrown out at moderator discretion.
  • By entering this art competition, you are granting non-exclusive perpetal license for Epicmafia to use your artwork as the banner on the website. Any winning entries may be displayed on the website.

File sizes and formats:

Your image(s) will need to be 307 x 80 in order to fit the banner requirement. The acceptable file formats are jpg, gif, and png.

How to enter:

Please send entries to myself or dkkoba with the subject line of "Banner Contest."


We will hold a community vote. First place will win a cash prize, and will be the first banner in circulation. Second and third place will not will a cash prize, but will be circulating banners.

Cream710d 15h
Dat10d 10h
Made by Shwartz99, circa December 2018:

(i know it isn't the correct dimensions, but i thought it was funny enough)
Dat10d 10h!
also for future reference this is the best role image banner i can find. not the most up-to-date, but it certainly has all the roles that i think are important.

edit: this was also done before lucid made all the town roles face to the right and all the mafia/hostile 3rd roles face to the left.

koba7d 1h
Dat6d 7h!
using a saturated and sharpened version of a picture that i took

Cream75d 15h
your banner looks cool!
Dat4d 56m
from another pic of mine at one of my favorite places

Dat4d 7m
marry2d 10h
15 days left to submit in the banner contest! Submissions close on the 18th.
Dat1d 22h
bumpity humpity
Dat1d 22h
okay there is a frame that says "We have Daddy Issues" and another frame that says "We have Depression". I thought it was funny anyways. if there is something wrong with that submission, notify me and I can edit those frames out.
Dat23h 25m!

part 1 of a side project: making alternate icons for the different games of epicmafia
Dat23h 24m!
mafia, acrotopia, draw it, ghost, connect 4, and battle snakes
Dat23h 22m
and hmmm looking at it at a smaller size, i need to make brighter colors for the ACRO in acrotopia, and i need to make some shading for the main snake. also i should probably move the apple a pixel over but change the position of the stem so it doesn't clash with the green of the snake.


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