Song Contest Interest!63

koba15d 6h

Hey all, I'm planning on hosting a Song Contest series(not singing).

Here's how it's going to work:

There will be multiple categories, between 5-10. There are 2 judges, me and 1 other person. We may try to get 1 more if there are a lot of submissions.

Players will submit 1 song for each category. Then both judges will rate the song based on how much they like it + how well it fit the category on a scale of 1-10. The average rank for the song will be taken, and the person with the highest score for the category wins the category.

The person who has the highest overall score will win a token prize(amount TBD), and will be invited to be a judge for the next one. Those that win individual categories will be featured in the reveal at the end.

Post in here if you are interested in participating :)

syd3d 9h
about 75% done and i must say so many of these songs are great, im glad i get to be a judge :D
Oops i forgot
Dat1d 3h
i cant handle the anticipation


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