Deceit - Discord Mafia12

DarkB17d 6h

Hello everyone. I will be hosting Discord Mafia! This game will have a magician based theme.



The roles are subject to change. I plan to have 10 players but I will tweak accordingly if I see more/less interest. This is a glance at a potential setup.

3 Sorcerer Power Roles

3 Illusionist Power Roles

1 Hotel Manager (We will vote on if this role will be used).

2-3 Houseguests (Depending on if we use Hotel Manager).

1 Sleepwalking Houseguest

If you are interested in spectating or playing, simply join the discord. First come, first serve.

I plan to start the game on 2/19/21 (3 days from now), but if everyone who is playing confirms early, we will change the start date. Have fun!

nightmarex17d 6h
honey17d 3h
i love disco mafia
bri17d 3h
I’m so joining lol
DarkB16d 11h
bumpin. we have 3 players
fox16d 2h
i'm in, pls give me a diary though
shady16d 2h
charley15d 11h
if i flip mafia i reserve the right to grs but ill play
Skittlez15d 11h
ye ye
DarkB15d 10h
9/10 players have opted to play. If significant players want to join I'd be willing to tweak the setup, if not u can apply for sub. discord link doesnt expire
DarkB14d 14h
Bumping. Need 1 more player. Goal is to start today
ilario14d 13h
waza1914d 13h
Wait soz nvmmmm I won’t be able to play
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