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shady17d 12h

This thread will be used to track admin and mod discretion decisions that are outside the ordinary procedure of vios and bans. For example, leashes, forum leashes, and discretionary bans.

As always, these decisions can continue to be discussed through private and public channels.

shady17d 12h
Current decisions:


Decision: 1 vio leash from 3 month GRS ban

Reason: User performed GRS instead of requesting ban, regretted decision, and was allowed leniency


Decision: Forum leash from 8 vio ban to play forum mafia, one account is unsuspended and may only post on forums

Reason: No reason to suspect foul play from user, was suspended for game-related vios.


Decision: 3 month site ban

Reason: Conduct that is emotionally harmful to the userbase by using mental health as a threat
shady16d 12h

Decision: banned temporarily

Reason: mental health concerns (that I will not be elaborating on) and engaging with a user they were warned not to engage with for both of their sake
charley16d 8h!
There have been some changes to the rules page. With the state that the site is in now, I don't think it is necessary to have a lot of the game-related bans lasting 3 months.

the lobby ban lengths are now;

grs - 1 month ban
cheating - 2 months
ogi - 1 month
trolling - 1 month
game throw - 2 months
lobby camping - 1 month
r.suicides - 1 month
isp - 1 month
spamming - 1 month
c/m - 1 month
erb - 1 month
lobby trolling - 1 month

all community bans will still be a 3 month ban
charley14d 11h!
We have made a slight change to the rule for 8 violations:

Accumulating 8 active violations across all accounts results in a ban. If the active violations are 50% or more (4+) community violations, a site ban will be applied; if they’re primarily game violations, a lobby ban will be applied. Either ban will last 3 months.
charley14d 10h
The forum spam rule has been merged with "Site spam" and the infringements have been changed to:

1. 24 Hour Forum Suspension
2. Forum/Comment/Chat Ban
3. Site Ban
shady13d 10h
Since I forgot to do this while I was still an active admin.

Game Related Suicide definition has been changed to (changes in bold):

"Suiciding or intentionally vegging for any game-related reason. This does not include leaving for severe community reasons (being harassed, threatened, etc). This is to be determined by moderator discretion."
charley9d 10h!
I done a shady and forgot to post this here, but i changed the Abusive Behaviour rule around a week ago to add:

If the behaviour is considered to be extremely severe/threatening or harmful to not only the accuser but the other users on the site by an admin this may result in a permanent site ban/auto vio regardless of who reported. This also includes severe harassment to another user off-site.

With this rule change, this means that telling someone to kill themselves is an automatic AB vio regardless of whether the person it is directed towards reports or not. This can be so damaging to someone's mental health and it is not tolerated on this website.

^ this is just an example of what we have 0 tolerance for when it comes to this rule. I just wanted to let everyone know that this specifically won't be tolerated.
charley8d 11h
since we are pro transparency now.. jess stepped down from modding and the head mod position for personal reasons. Taking her place will be salem.


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