Complaint Regarding OGI6

Giga17d 11h

This complaint is unrelated to ivana's ban

I think Jake431 deserves a violation here. He provoked ivana using something unrelated to the game. He brought it up first and said she was mad because he was going to make her go 4/5 or 4/6 .

Here is the game: . It all happens around 3:30-4:15 iirc.

Here is the original report:

It was given no violation.

Note: The moderator who handled this report mentions that ivana OGIs first. This is not correct--Jake431 clearly provokes ivana. Jake431 is known for provoking users in games, and borderline trolls while/by doing so.

I appealed the decision here:

The decision was sustained.

Please discuss your thoughts

Normally I PM moderators/admins for clarification on these types of situations, but I want to see what other people have to say about this as well.

I feel like it shouldn't be violation worthy, but with the way OGI is getting moderated lately, it has to be if ivana got a violation for what she did in this game in response to Jake431 ( ) and if stuff like was also given a violation

Giga, an admin posted about it. You should include it in OP
There are a lot of times when people literally just say stuff where they don't intend it to be even game related. Like sometimes when we are mad and say some stuff or sometimes when we are in a jolly mood and say something. All of those can be twisted and fit into the ogi rule for a violation.

On the other hand, a lot of times people say stuff where they actually intend to influence the game by outside game stuff, but can never be fit into the ogi rule based on the words being used.

My point is, a rule that gets implemented on the words being used, is very hard to apply. It all comes down to opinions of people. So we should just let it go. It is best if we give more no vios instead of vios when it comes to ogi. Maybe if someone has a pattern of using something to influence a game then it wouldn't be harsh to give a vio.

I hope we are on the same page giga. Sounds to me like jake was just passing a comment.
Bringing up my winrate to insult me should harassment/OGI with how they mods handle things for their friends, but far be it for them to act consistently.
This also falls under "You can OGI all you want so long as you don't reference an in game action."

But far be it for the mods that only mod to stroke their own ego and those of their friends to recognize why slippery slopes are bad.
Can we discuss how stupid it is that comp players competing for trophies can't talk about the very thing they're doing in game without our uncompetitive mod staff agreeing that it shouldn't be in game?

I'm pretty sure anyone that's not an avid abuser of this site's moderation is competent enough to see why this shouldn't be the defacto approach to the subjective OGI rule.


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Did Jake431 OGI in the linked game?