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the time has come for a third personal thread because i am a giant idiot lord (thanks bewildered my other thread was a mess anyways)

yes i must have a personal thread despite the dwindling user base but i love myself and i love the attention i give myself so here i am

aka my blog, capybara spam, AMA, etc

syd16d 9h
dearest filko,

i thank you dearestly for correcting the poll
syd15d 19h

oh to be a capybara in a hot spring bath in japan
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Show hidden postthis thread suck
syd15d 4h
no one asked you to click and read through :)
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Show hidden poststay mad hater
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syd11d 3h
Ok but mfw the hurt & heal is LITERALLY just the Entire mod team and me
now it's not all mods :D
syd9d 4h
i get to have my first legal drink and gambling experience on sunday YEET
kanyeaest9d 2h
i get to have my first legal drink and gambling experience on sunday YEET
syd8d 7h

capy yuzu bath! :D
syd8d 2h
pls send me capybaras on sunday the 28th (my birthday aka capybara day)
syd7d 8h!
syd5d 16h
i made it to 21 which isnt a super big achievement but I've struggled so much with my mental health the past few years i never thought i would make it to being able to have my first legal drink and be a real adult in america

things are great now and ive been reassured that some people on here care about my life so i figured i would be sappy and gross

im doing so much better mentally and im glad im alive and can say im glad i made it to 21 when ive wanted to give up so many times in the past 3 and a half years. im setting up goals and reaching them as often as i can and i feel like im overall a better, nicer person. anyways here is to 21 and even though i can't really celebrate with other people, especially those on this site that i really love and cherish, i think today will be a good day to reflect on what i have and my future.

ty for coming to my ted talk, also i love capybaras
syd5d 4h
i wanna thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday today! today was great :D i tried tequila (which apparently gets me very tipsy i become dyslexic), a malibu and rum. i went a bit nuts but hey it’s my 21st. also only lost $10 when gambling 🤭


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