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Anne1mon 16d


Conduct Rules:

  • You are not allowed to block other players during the game. This ruins the spirit of forum mafia. If you feel you are being harassed or treated unfairly, talk to the host.
  • Excessive toxicity will not be tolerated this game. You may not insult other players or be excessively aggressive to the point of making others feel uncomfortable.
  • Breaking either of these rules for the first time will result in a warning. Breaking these rules for the second time will result in either a modkill or a forced replacement.

Post Limit:

  • This game will have a 300 post limit per day phase. Going over this post limit will result in a mute until 2 hours before end of day.

  • The post limit with be lifted 2 hours before end of day and during LYLO.

  • Vote counts will be posted periodically along with post counts.


  • You may vote by either bolding or italicizing. You DO NOT need to unvote before changing your vote (finally fixed my script).
  • Votes will not be locked during MYLO/LYLO.
  • Vote counts will be posted periodically along with post counts.

General Rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M8LLBYZ6jD_lHoR41zuKEuUb1l-puAjOLuSC88W6t2E/edit

Countdown until start of day 2: https://countingdownto.com/?c=3418086

Most Recent Vote/Post Count: https://epicmafia.com/topic/96424?page=109&post_highlight=3485968

Discord Link for Spectators and Subs: https://discord.gg/Baah3pdXsp

Tierlist Maker For PokeMaf: https://tiermaker.com/create/pokemafia-701974

Sonrio1mon 11d
gg :)
Anne1mon 11d
Great game everyone! I was very happy at how peaceful this game was and I want to thank everyone for being on their best behavior (there were a few slip-ups, but overall a very enjoyable game).

I could have probably tweaked the roles a bit more before starting the game and made it a bit less crazy, Object dying day 1 was pretty unfortunate for mafia.

Town played amazing and this is one of the few games I've observed where a solid town block was able to form so quickly and easily. I really think everyone played well!

Kudos to Gio for never giving up until the bitter end and even being able to convince so many people in the game that he was town despite the odds against him.
alexa1mon 11d
OMG site just came back but ;________; YESSSSSSSSS. thank you so much for hosting anne, you're amazing <3

and gio did amazing omg i tr him all game - the mafia did great <3 also i'm sorry for my tunnel on u waza, i sometimes get ideas in my head and can't shake them .-.

krista best neighbor ever <3_____<3
alexa1mon 11d
also brad u played so well for first forum game ever omg, hope you continue!
bradland0131mon 11d
Thank you so much for hosting and having me in the game Anne! You are such an amazing host!

GG's to everyone that played, everyone was great, everyone gave a ton of effort while still being easy going, and the game was extremely fun.

I don't think I could've picked a better game to have for my first forum mafia game.

also brad u played so well for first forum game ever omg, hope you continue!
Thank you Alexa! You were awesome this game.

I'll try to play in more forum maf games.
DiSoRiEnTeD1mon 11d
great game, had a lot of fun and found it easier to TR some of you. this is like my 3rd (?) forum mafia game and this will help me find ur town and scum games :)


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