Bridgerton (Season 1)5

The Netflix adaptation show based off the Julia Quinn book series.

What did we think? There will probably be spoilers for season 1 here, so if you haven't watched it, view with caution.

I personally loved the show despite the controversial topics. I couldn't stand Anthony for the first half, especially the fact that he wouldn't let Daphne make her own decisions. I feel like it would've been better had they revealed Lady Whistledown in a later season however but oh well.

I haven't read the books. I think i might.

Anyway just wanted to hear peoples opinions on the show and what they'd like for a season 2. If you've read the books please try not to spoil anything major from the books, or if you would like to talk about a spoiler just begin the reply with SPOILER and a couple lines down begin.

also i love eloise
more of u should watch it *sips tea*
quite sad this hasnt been poppin off
jets2d 9h
have you watched downton abbey?
i lovedddd it!!! it was so good and tiktok is making a whole musical now and its so cool lmao. lowkey was so dumb how simon lied to her lmao
Favourite character from season 1?