Circle of Trust 3: Trial by Combat6,610

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Important Disclaimer: name has nothing to do with the Trump supporter thing, I just learned about the use of that phrase today.. too late to change the name now

Welcome, contestants. To win, town must nominate six among you to join the Circle of Trust. There are two ways to join the Circle:

One: by vote.

Two: trial by combat. A player may declare themselves to be the next Circle member. If no one challenges them, they become Circle. If someone challenges them, they will duel to the death (gladiate). If the challenger loses, the other player becomes Circle. If challenger wins, the trial ends.

There can be only one trial by combat per day, and afterwards voting resumes as normal. Two circles per day.

Full rules:



Object5d 6m
just clarifying for everyone
Object5d 5m
Hope you all enjoyed it, mafia played very well imo despite getting crowded out by some powersolving at the beginning of the game.

Krista pretty much got the optimal use of her ability.
yeasayer5d 5m
yeasayer5d 5m
honey and merlot and marry played phenomenally, not much else to say besides that.
krista4d 23h
everyone played greaaat <33 loved this game and had sm fun at the end with my mvp queen pony :3 gj all!
alexa4d 23h
ty for hosting object <3
waza194d 22h
Thanks for being a great host object! Everyone played great !
waza194d 21h
Alexa I don’t think the fact that maf having a para should change how people play, imo it’s still best to play how u would normally and let ur reads flow organically like it would if there isn’t a para, even if they do use it there’s certain ways I’d imagine maf would/wouldn’t go about using it so I’m sure it will give us info regardless. whereas people being wary and holding back their votes takes away one way to read people
waza194d 21h
LMAO i was still logged into this thread on mobile and posted in the wrong thread whoops
Arrogate4d 9h
That was fun!! Thanks for playing everyone!! And I hope yall enjoyed some of the entertainment I tried to provide :)
Thanks for hosting Object!!


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