2020 wrapped17

alexa19d 17h

What’s your most listened to song in 2020? Just recently found out from 2020 wrapped mine is “what a man gotta go” Jonas brothers - I hate that for myself so much

calciumkid19d 15h
Dave - professor x

Shocked Cos I haven't listened to it in months
ari19d 14h
i can't tell if this list is order but i think it is

i've just seen a face - the beatles
nyouhas19d 8h
The Mandalorian - Ludwig Goransson
DiSoRiEnTeD19d 6h
hot girl bummer - blackbear
julia19d 5h
leaked by lil tjay
Hop Along - Prior Things

(in 2020 I decided I wasn't white enough)
jess19d 4h
habit- still woozy
debaser18d 23h
it is sunblind by fleet foxes
(in 2020 I decided I wasn't white enough)
i'm not even white but, somehow, same
nia18d 3h
violence - grimes 🤣
DkKoba17d 22h
SIRI - Oki, Gedz

its polish rap https://open.spotify.com/track/57bJlOG3lH6Z0tV1AwLQkg

number 1 artist was lemon demon who didn't even make the cut to my most listened to playlist xD
toxic117d 10h
august - taylor swift
samantha16d 23h
tell me why - supermode original mix
evo16d 22h
always by rex orange county
Super9d 15h
betty - taylor swift :3
something to believe - jane holiday check it out for good vibes to carry you through tough year
nbtnbt59d 2h
100 gecs - hand crushed by a mallet (Remix) [feat. Fall Out Boy, Craig Owens, Nicole Dollanganger]

i am not ashamed
michael8d 22h
probably a song that crockpot recommended to me, wherever she is now.

2021 gay