Compliment the user above you98

krista29d 1h

~inspired by~ sandbox forums & super's compliment thread in main lobby!

4Yz112d 23h
is fun to play among us with...
Anne12d 23h
he's british and gay, what's not to love? lol?
yeasayer12d 23h!
he's british and gay, what's not to love? lol?

that's sevenseas?
yeasayer12d 23h
also okay i can't not do this but i would prefer to be skipped by the next person who happens upon this thread.

anne is one of the coolest people i know and has one of the biggest hearts of anybody despite whatever presumptions people have about her based on how she plays mafia. i'm lucky that i know her and even luckier that she actively chooses violence (being my friend) every day.
krista12d 20h
simply can't skip u... @yeasayer i love reading everything you write because you express things so fluently! you are extremely smart, intuitive, and caring for the people you love 🥺 aaaand i'm your greatest admirer :3
the sheer number of vowels in your name...<3___<3
bradland01312d 15h
GP/GM is always nice to have in games. Typically has proper reads in games and is easy to work with when he's on the same side as you. Very chill.
Bradland is so much fun to play with and he’s a very awesome player! Just the other day he tricked me and won a game because of his skill. I’m truly jealous lol also he’s a really cool guy to talk too and I’m happy to call him a friend! :D
DiSoRiEnTeD12d 8h
Corn is the funniest, one of my favorite users on the site! corn is amazing at AtE'ing me which I HATE but I love u corn. <3
yung12d 7h
diso is hilarious. love witnessing your relationship to ppl youre loyal to. reall fun to play with.
calciumkid12d 12m
cancer twin, we were born sick.
great to have a conversation with and u bring postive vibes.

Dont know if i can compliment u on the jotto skills, but fun to play with even if it is a walk in the park. Just kidding.
evo12d 11m
like honestly the coolest guy i know

no one else is cooler than this dude
Unysprit12d 3m
decent troll
evo11d 23h!
decent troll as well
bradland01311d 22h
Good survivor host and player. Probably one of my first friends on here.
ari11d 20h
literally an angel, always so kind and fun to be around and really genuine. hope to play more vivor w/ u and hopefully we can actually f2 this time <3
Phoenixi11d 19h
Pretty ~ Kind ~ Good at drawing skill
payamcf11d 10h
No idea who you are, but your avi is cute
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