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Giga131mon 4d

I've received a lot of positive feedback from several users regarding my Mafia videos. I want to do more but I admittedly struggle with recording software and I'm not the best at setting that up. I don't remember the setup I used for it. I'm gonna get my brother to help me so I can maybe produce some more videos for people when I have time over this Winter break.

If you have something you want me to make a video about, post it here 👍 It can be a mafia-related question, something about a game, or something about mafia.

Giga131mon 4d!
I have an idea for a video regarding the state of the website, ideas for the website, mainly in terms of reviving it and helping users get acclimatized to/comfortable in competitive games
make a video of how you got all those bronzes. im interested
Giga131mon 4d!
make a video of how you got all those bronzes. im interested
I can talk about my trophies, not sure if too many people would be interested in hearing me talk about that though lol. Most of the bronzes were snipes. I can do a little storytime for those who are interested though sure lol
Giga131mon 4d
There's running strategy and stuff but usually people just do what they're comfortable with, I can explain the strategies I'd use while running if people are interested as well
Thejkb1mon 4d
Setup breakdowns
Game reviews
Ideas for the site
Shootlynching like a pro
Giga1322d 36m
My brother helped me set up OBS! Videos will be coming soon. Keep the ideas coming!
juju21d 19h
Reading tones
DkKoba21d 15h
difference of tells between mediums of mafia:

Samburu19d 19h
things to do waiting 1 hour for a guns and hooker game
bird15d 2h
how to stop pranay from fkng ur mom (pls hurry)
evo15d 2h
How to catch a corrupt moderator 101.
Chinatsu13d 22h!
While there's kind of a rough standard for how setups are played out I think it might be important to emphasise that games don't always conform to that model.

A simplified example of this might be if hooker hooked n1 in that Asylum setup iirc, and while experienced players do often take this into account it might be a fair reminder for newer players and older players alike.

A longer example of some "rare happenings" might be some Jan 2.0 games where people were lynched based on the reasoning that cop and the cannot both be alive on a 4-way, and other gameplay tells and such were discounted/ignored because of it.

Just thought that making an effort to tell players to stay open-minded aside from the standard flow of setups could be helpful in practice.

But then again who are we kidding the entire community is just the same 20 people who have been playing since 201X lol
Unysprit12d 20h
post a video on why one shouldn't play mafia


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