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Phoenixi1mon 12d

Hello again epic players,

One more year is coming to an end and I'd like to bring this topic back. Last year we ranked players based on their mafia skills. This time is power role skills.

Being PR is challenging and you have to consider numerous reads, sometimes stressful in my opinion.

Let's write down 3 names that come to your mind who did play professionally during this year, only in competition games. Check the previous rank in the below links for reference. Have fun and please take it subjectively. [No ads - No self-rank]

I will announce the result on January 10th, 2021. Much appreciation.

I haven't played much with anne but i think she would be good as pr.
nicoI1mon 2d
I place myself last on the whole site. I don't like that kind of pressure
nia1mon 2d
new zealand nicole we love u don't sell yourself short
nia1mon 2d
julia is a fantastic pr in that i think she really takes the time to read a table thoroughly and doesn't get distracted or rushed out of working through her thoughts and ideas

anne is a fantastic pr in that she doesn't let people sway her out of a read once she's settled on it - she'll find and push on maf even if the entire table is telling her to go a different direction

and... honestly either krista or brandon. krista is great and has a really empathetic approach to tables where i think she tries very hard to understand everyone's thought process which makes her great at reading for intention and sincerity, and brandon's one of the smartest and most capable scumhunters when he doesn't doubt himself so they're tied for third
nia1mon 2d
i had that sitting for ages and forgot to hit post
Phoenixi1mon 1d
Bump :doge:
pranay, mandevian, hugo
Ominoire8d 14h!
Too bad this game isn't saved.

Basically what happened. Doctor was killed by mafia N1. Villager DarkB decides to claim cop and take advantage of DJMTheduck's death quote, which was customized to look like a cop report. DarkB claims, acts like he misread the death quote as his real report, and plays it off that he's cop. Really clever on-the-spot move. Somehow I get the feeling DarkB isn't cop, so I tell DarkB: "I know you're not cop." I basically roleswap with DarkB. DarkB thinks I'm the cop, when I'm just a measly villager. I avoid getting lynched and I soft cop to the mafia. Blue gets lynched, and Day 1 ends. I get killed by mafia since I softed cop.

DarkB fake innos the godfather. At this point all the villagers are dead, so anybody innocent is the godfather. Pizza, the godfather, gets hung on Day 2. Night 2 ends with DarkB killed. Mafia realizes they failed to kill the real cop. The real cop outs and then correctly lynches the nilla. Town goes home happy. DarkB gets a kudo.

Basically. The big town play here was: A roleswap within a roleswap.
Ominoire8d 14h
Hang on, this is the wrong thread for this.