krista and i draw your avi86

ari1mon 21d

leave a comment for krista and i to give our best effort at drawing your avi!

  • this thread will be capped at 10 posters (subject to change depending how fast we go through them)
  • please be patient and give us the necessary time to complete these masterpieces that will soon be seen art galleries scattered across the planet, and that your great great grandchildren will be seeing in the most high security museums.

thank you in advance to anyone who chooses to participate!

DiSoRiEnTeD2d 23h

french nbt!
nbtnbt52d 23h

french nbt!
c'est incroyable merci!
draw me like one of ur French boys this one was a refreshing break
this was really fun to watch
sleepless1d 21h
cute drawings
nicoleyrenaa1d 20h
omg mine is my actual face but i would love to see like a cartoonish version ahhh these are so cute
wink2h 23m
if you are still doing these i'd love one!
alexa1h 29m
omg me too same i love these
why did you decide to attend this event?